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Are Repellents Safe For Pets?

Dengue is at an all time high! It’s so common now that out of 10 people I know, half of them have come down with it.

I remember coming down with dengue in 2014. It was horrible! My platelet count kept going down and I was hospitalized for 10 days. After discharge, I was still so weak. It took me a total of 3 months to get back to my usual stamina.

Besides making sure we have no stagnant water in the house, how can we protect ourselves from getting bitten by these blood-sucking bacteria-ridden insects?

There are plenty of mosquito repellents in the market. And I’m going to share with you the pros and cons of some them.

*It helps to a certain extent but it also attracts a lot of other insects such as moth.
*If your dog is sleeping in your room, I would suggest to put it on higher ground so that your dog does not keep staring at the light.
*Personally, I find this patch effective only for a day.
*Coverage is limited depending on where you stick the patch.
*Removing the patch can sometimes leave a stain on your clothes.
*Does not come in contact with our dog in any way.
*The BEST spray in the market!
*You can spray all over (of course avoid your eyes & mouth, duh!)
*It’s organic.
*Dogs might give you a sniff (stop them if they do try to lick you)
*Recently purchased but have stopped using this altogether.
*It claims to be safe for children and pets.
*However, our preteen says she can hear the high pitch sound and it’s very irritating!
* Dogs can hear sounds four times (4X) further away! What will this do to my dog’s hearing??


It’s important to note that whatever product we use, we need to make sure that it will also be safe for our pets.

I hope this brief article will help keep you and your family (pets included) safe.

If you have tried any other similar products, do share with us the benefits or dangers that you might have experienced in the comments section below.

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