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Outdoor Adventures

What’s so great about doggie daycare? Tonnes!! First of all, it’s always good to let dogs be dogs. Imagine day in, day out, the dog just spends the whole day at home with their human. As a pawrent, some will spoil the dog more than others and then what happens? The dog starts thinking that he/she is human too!

The lack of having the opportunity to socialize with its own kind or anyone else besides the family can result in social awkardness such as being fearful, shy or even aggressive behaviour which can lead to an attack!

One part of our doggie daycare consists of “Outdoor Adventures”. Once a dog joins our pack, we introduce them to a host of activity and social skills. Wait… what social skills does a dog need? Stuff like learning how to share, proper behaviour like no excessive barking, friendly play and overall obedience. One way to achieve all these is by bringing the pack on outings, providing an outlet for them to get sufficient exercise so that their energy is channeled correctly.

Our excursion varies, it can be at a park, beach, residential areas or dog runs. Here are some clips and photos to show you just how much fun our pack has!

“Adventure is my best therapy!”

– Anonymous

Want your dog to join our pack for doggie daycare or dog boarding?

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