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Dealing With Grief

It’s been a tough few months. The world is dealing with an invisible enemy and families around the world have lost loved ones. Nevertheless, I believe mankind will prevail and become stronger.

Our little girl’s precious hamster, Yuzu, passed on peacefully last week. Though Yuzu was only a tiny hamster, she brought a ton of laughter, fun times and wonderful memories.

Needless to say, our little one has been grieving. She told me last night that it felt surreal that Yuzu was no longer around. Every time, she looks in to Yuzu’s cage, hoping to see her still running on the wheel. Instead, all her toys are now just lying quietly in there.

It’s not easy having to say goodbye to someone you love. So I believe it’s important to go through the whole grieving process. Just like it’s important to be responsible and care for them when they are alive.

For different people, the grieving process can consist of a number of stages. Firstly, we go in to shock and disbelief. Then pain sets in which is when we cry our eyes out. Guilt can also set in during this time as we start questioning ourselves and wished that we could have done more.

The next two stages are anger and depression. For some, depression can last for quite some time. I’ve seen a number of people who have lost their pets a long time ago, and yet they are still holding on to the lost.

Life is short and this could not be clearer than what we are all going through now. Inevitably, all living being will come to an end but what counts is during the time of LIVING.

The wonderful memories made that will forever live in our hearts. It is this last understanding that will lead us to acceptance.

Love is something we all need to grow and makes us stronger. So, even though our hearts feel like it’s been shattered, I believe that in time the heart will heal and learn to love again.

Have you experienced the loss of a beloved pet? If yes, how did you deal with the grief? Let us know in the comments.

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