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Is It Really Love? Or Abuse?

Hold on tight cuz this is going to be a pretty sensitive topic. So why do I want to cover it? Cuz I feel a need to discuss topics like these instead of just sweeping them under the carpet.

Obesity… not only is this an issue with humans, but also in pets. In our line of work, we have seen our fair share of dogs who are extremely overweight! And it’s truly SAD.

Dogs are born with four legs and they love to run and play. But a lot of times when a dog is overweight, they encounter a number of difficulties such as running out of breath which leads to lots of panting, losing balance and of course, health concerns relating to their legs, heart, lungs and even other organs. Their mental state is also another concern when they find themselves unable to keep up with the pack.

How Do These Pets Get So Fat?

Most of the time, it’s due to overfeeding. Say a family feeds their dog twice a day, but in between these two meals, they keep providing the dog with treats and snacks or worse still, table scraps!

Besides the regular meals, the dog has no way to burn off the excess food intake as he/she is hardly taken out for walks. And if he/she does go out for walks, most of the time, he/she is either carried or is pushed around in a stroller.

On social media, I see a lot of comments like: “aww… so cute!”, “haha, look at that round belly!”, “you must love your dog a lot, that’s why he’s so well-fed”, “he’s asking to share your food, give some, don’t be cruel”. REALLY??

Yes, it’s cute to see a chubby pet but if you truly understand how it will affect the health of the pet in the long run, it’s NOT cute!

Let me share two stories with you from our past experience and by the end of it, you might understand where I’m coming from.

Corgi’s Paws Bled

The first dog was a beautiful and sweet corgi mixed. When she came to us, she was extremely obese. To the extent that she had to be on medication to stop the constant bleeding from her paws. Can you imagine? Her poor legs could not take the weight of her body till it bled. We helped in cutting down her food intake and gave her short walks to build up her stamina. The bleeding stopped and we were all so happy for her.

However, the joy was short-lived as when she went home, her mum started feeding her loads again, claiming that she could not resist her “pitiful stares” when she was eating. And the bleeding started again. We tried to advice but it was not welcomed, so we decided to walk away.

Roly-Poly Poodle

The second case was a cute little teacup poodle. He was way too round and he kept losing his balance. And every time he rolled over, his family chuckled and said it was cute. HUH?

He stayed with us for two whole months and by the time his family came back to pick him, he was running to them at the door! They were so surprised and happy.

So you decide… do you truly love your dog? If you do, would you put him/her in such a state? Remember, abuse comes in different forms.

Here’s an article that covers 9 success stories!

If you can’t tell a spoon from a ladle, then you’re fat!

Demetri Martin

What are your thoughts on overfeeding pets? Comment below.

1 thought on “Is It Really Love? Or Abuse?”

  1. Erwen (Pomchi) was a size of a Chihuahua. The ideal weight should range between 2-3kg max.
    She put on weight drastically after she was spay to realise that spay dog needs to cut down their intake to prevent obesity. To make matter worst, Erwen boards at mom in law place whom have shown my dog much love by treats from their plates.

    She was putting on weight slowly but surely. She used to weigh at 2.4kg and slowly balloon to 3.5kg. The turning point was she was panting so much even at home with no activities. The vet commented Erwen needs to lose some weights. I realised things have to change. I struggled through putting these weight measures in place as my mum in law felt that I’m starving the dog.

    Now Erwen is weighing 2.6kg but I still struggles with those pity eyes. Erwen is healthier than ever that puts me in check Everytime I put her in the weighing scales.

    If you love your dog, lengthen their life by keeping them in a healthy BMI.

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