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A Clean Bowl

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How often do you feed your dog? In our household, we do it twice a day for Oreo and all of our guests, unless otherwise instructed by our customer.

We feed them between seven and nine in the mornings and evenings. Usually, it takes less than ten minutes for each dog to finish their food, with the exception of the seniors and weak who would require assistance during meal times.

And after each meal, we wash all their bowls and leave them to air dry till the next meal.

However, we have come across a number of people who DO NOT wash their dog’s bowl at all. You can literally see and feel the dried up clumps from their many previous meals all stuck on to the bowl. It’s DISGUSTING!!

Seriously, how difficult is it to wash a few bowls?

Some people give the excuse that they’re running late for work so they can’t wait around. Fine, then wash them when you get home before you feed the next meal to your dog!

Will you eat from any plate with leftovers stuck to it if it’s been left unwashed for a number of days? What happens when dishes are left piling up for some time? You’ll start to get visits from flies and bugs!

Yes, you an argue that your pet licks up every inch of his/her bowl so there won’t be any flies coming. Well, think again! You are no superhero with amazing microscopic eyesight. There are so many different bacteria that will be happily partying in your pet’s bowl.

Alright, you don’t have to take my word for it. Just google and you’ll find countless articles on this matter.

In fact, here’s a link that was written by a veterinarian.

We all want what’s best for our pets. They’re a precious part of our family unit and we do not wish for them to get sick. Cuz when they get sick, we feel helpless, right? So, prevention is always better than cure.

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