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Ask any one who practice yoga about the benefits and you will be enlightened. It basically keeps us agile, flexible and improves our breathing and helps us to learn calmness.

So DOGA is basically incorporating our dogs in to yoga movements.

Why? Cuz it’s always more fun working out with a buddy, let alone your best friend!

And no, it’s not just for senior dogs. Doga is suitable for all ages of dogs!

When you have a puppy, they can sometimes be quite a handful. Just give them a good brisk walk before starting on doga and they will most likely cooperate better.

Practising doga will also teach your dog to be relax and calm.

Just like when I first started with Oreo, my rescued Shih Tzu. He was very aggressive and would bite me. But months of working with him on the mat has helped us to have this special bond now. He is definitely a changed dog!

Senior dogs are unable to walk a lot, but would still require movement to help with their joints. Doga will benefit them greatly cuz you would be helping them in their stretches and also, provide soothing massages.

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