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Mental Stimulation

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Besides providing the basic needs of food and shelter for your dog, you will also need to consider some physical and mental exercises that will keep your dog happy and healthy.

Physical exercise can consist of a couple of daily walks, bringing them to the dog run where they can have fun playing tag with some other pooches. Or send them for doggie daycare!

Go for a swim with them if they love water and practice Doga too!

But what about when your dog is home? What can you do to make it a fun and stimulating experience instead of just having your dog lie around all day long?

interactive toys

There are tonnes of interactive toys available in the market! All you’ll need to do is to place treats in them and watch your dog go at it for hours on end. The only thing about these toys is that they can be pretty pricey and sometimes, your dog might not even like it.


So, the next best thing is to make your own toys… from things that you already have in the house.

You can use an old sock to stuff a squeaky balloon to make an exciting yet noisy toy. Or maybe bundle a bunch of fabric together so you can play tug-of-war together!

For more DIY ideas, you can always search the web. In the meantime, here are a few clips of our pack playing with our DIY toys. Have fun!

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