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Quirky Behaviours

Does your dog have any unusual habit? The first time you noticed, you would have thought it was weird or maybe just a one-off but no, they keep repeating this same quirky behaviour that leaves you either laughing or questioning.

In our line of work, we’ve met a lot of different personalities. Most of them are friendly and are always ready to please while some prefer to do their own thing.

Then there is this small group that will behave very differently at certain times of the day! This has certainly left us in stitches and question marks!

Dexter and the lights

Dexter has a peculiar habit.

Every morning and evening, he would start getting excited and stare at the walls. The sun’s rays will bounce off the walls and reflect moving objects around the house or even the traffic from outside.

Dexter always thinks it’s an intruder and will whine or chase after it. 🤭

Xiao Pang Afraid of her own bowl

Jack Russell Xiao Pang is one adorable and quirky dog.

When she first startred boarding with us, she would not eat. Initially, we thought it was normal as she might be missing her family. But after a day or two, we realized that that was not the case.

Instead, we noticed that whenever we pushed the bowl close to her, she would move away. She would go very close to taking her food but then, back off quickly the next minute.

We spoke to her mum and she suggested we put some newspaper under her bowl. We tried that, it did not work either.

Next, we held up the bowl to her face and yet, she still wasn’t going for it. During this time, some of her food accidentally dropped on the ground and she gobbled them up straightaway!

That’s when we knew that it was the bowl that she was afraid of. Silly girl! 😂

Share with us your stories if you have a furball with some quirky behaviour too. We love to hear about it!


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