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Relocating with your dog

The world has become so small and connected as people are travelling so much now. And relocating to another part of the world has become the norm. This could be due to studies, a new job or even starting a family!

We have had many guests boarding with us while their families arrange for them to fly over at a later stage.

Aiko, Shiba Inu

{Singapore 🛫 Thailand}

Aiko & her dad, Utt

Aiko and her dad were based in Singapore for many years. Her dad travelled a lot and so, she literally stayed over at least two weeks in a month.

When her dad decided to move back to Thailand, Aiko got stressed out and had to stay behind with us till she was all better.

It was bittersweet as Aiko had become part of our family.

Pepe, shih tzu

{philippines 🛫 singapore 🛫 australia}

Pepe during one of our excursions

Little Pepe’s family were relocating from Philippines back to Australia.

If Pepe did a direct route back to Australia, he would need to be in quarantine for six months!

His family could not bear the thought of him being stuck in a small kennel.

So they sent him over to us and after six months of freedom and fun here, he eventually joined his family back in Oz.

maggie, poodle

{singapore 🛫 hawaii}

Maggie and her garland

Maggie’s family was relocating to Hawaii. And sweet Maggie had to wait for a month later before she could take the long trip to join her family.

She was shy at first but slowly warm up and became very sociable.

We also had to crate train Maggie to prepare her for the flight.

arnold, bichon frise

{vietnam 🛫 singapore 🛫 new zealand}

Arnold chilling

Pretty similiar to Pepe’s case, Arnold’s family were relocating back to New Zealand from Ho Chi Minh City.

He would have to be quarantined for six months in Oz too.

Too much stress for this cutie pie. And so, he spent six months here with us before he flew home to his family.

So, if you’re relocating and need someone reliable to take care of your furkid, feel free to get in touch with us!

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