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Senior Dogs

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Senior dogs are the most tolerant, forgiving and understanding creatures. What made me come to this conclusion? Well, think about it.

Due to their age, they slow down and take each day as it comes. They put up with aches and pains by staying quiet most of the time. And endure all the pills and needles that somtimes, come with it.

Many times, they get chucked to a corner of the house like some old furniture. Or the family is too busy with their lives that the old fella is left home alone for long periods of time.

Yet, whenever the family comes home, the senior furball will try his darndest to walk towards and wag his tail to greet them all.

Unlike a young pup, the senior ones don’t ask for much. They don’t keep pestering you to play with them or go around destroying stuff. All they ask and need from you is just some quality time chilling together.

Their little hearts are just contented to be either sitting on your lap or lying close to you.

It’s all these little things that we take for granted when they have been with us for so long. But don’t!

Treasure these times and when the time comes to bid farewell, you’ll know that your heart will be full of loving memories instead of regret.

Old dogs can be a regal sight. Their exuberance settles over the years into a seasoned nobility, their routines become as locked into yours as the quietest and kindest of marriages.

Gail Caldwell

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